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Translation bureau
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Translation bureau
Translation bureau


You are welcome to send us any text to translate. We will let you know the length of time required for translation and its price. Upon request, a test translation can be provided for you (the test will usually be no more than 100 words). As soon as fees and time for the job have been agreed to, we will start translating your materials. While your translation order is in the work, you are expected to make a payment through banking or postal services, web money, or with the Western Union. Please send us confirmation that the payment has been made. Once we have received this confirmation, the translated materials will be sent to you. If you find it has any shortcomings, please let us know so they will be corrected afterwards.

When translating, we usually make use of the Transit system, but we also can work with other Translation Memory systems such as Trados, SDLX and so on.

The way of work described above is used when dealing with new clients. Instead, our regular ones may be provided with translation services before a payment has been made. Our regular clients often pay for our services at the end of the month, as well as have discounts.

According to your desire, the translation will be forwarded to you as a hard or soft copy (CD-ROM), as well as can be sent by express mail. Translated materials are usually in the RTF format, but it is possible for them to be formatted in accordance with the client's choice. They also can be printed out by means of a laser printer for both black and white copies or with the help of a jet one in case of color printing of not less than 600 dpi.

If you are in St.Petersburg, a courier can deliver you the translation. The agency service can be paid in cash to the courier.

No translation is too small, but the minimum fee for any translation is US$25.00.

If you want to find out an approximate fee, please click on "Rates".

Please click on "Order of translation" to send us your materials.